Where to Buy Scalp Med

Where to Buy Scalp Med

If you’ve read my reviews on Scalp Med®, you know I’m a big fan of this product. But it may have left you with one lingering question: Where can I buy Scalp Med?

And you’re absolutely right! Until now, I’ve focused on getting the information out there on this product. But in this post, I’m going to break down your options for where to buy Scalp Med, and it’s pretty simple.

When it comes to Scalp Med, there are really two main options to purchase the product. ScalpMed.com and Amazon.

Where to buy Scalp Med:


For starters, you can go straight to the source. Scalp Med has a special introductory deal on its website for both its men’s and women’s product line. For just $29.95 plus $11.80 processing and handling you’ll get a 60-day supply. The introductory kit includes one 4-fl. oz. bottle of the NutriSol® pre-treatment formula and two 2-fl. oz. bottles of the Vitadil® topical solution.

If you choose the auto-ship subscription option, you will also receive a free 60-day supply of Scalp Med’s Herbal Hair Supplement. The hair supplement is a unique blend of natural plant extracts and other essential nutrients that provides your scalp with everything it needs to grow thicker, healthier hair. It offers you the best chance for results when used in conjunction with the NutriSol and Vitadil treatments. The supplement is taken once daily before breakfast. A 2-month supply is available for purchase on its own for $39.99.

You can cancel at any time during your first 60 days with no further obligation. However, if you don’t cancel, Scalp Med will continue to ship you a two-month supply every other month. You will be charged $79.99 per month, and $11.80 each time the product is shipped. There is an additional state sales tax on all orders shipped to California.

Scalp Med does offer a moneyback guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with the product. If you aren’t completely satisfied with Scalp Med for any reason, you can return the unused portion within 30 days for a full refund on the product. Note that this does not include the cost of shipping and handling.

If you don’t wish to go the subscription route, Scalp Med also offers 3-piece kits that can save you 40 percent off the total for the three items. These specialized kits are specifically targeted and come in two options: the moisturize 3-piece kit and the thicken 3-piece kit. Each kit is available for $59.99, marked down from the regular price of $98.47. Each product made by Scalp Med is also available for individual purchase. All purchase options can be viewed together here.


A quick search on Amazon yields dozens of results for hair loss solutions, including Scalp Med. These range from leading brands like Rogaine and Procerin to additional vitamin supplements, shampoos, and other hair treatments. Scalp Med products are available individually on Amazon, as well as in 2-month or even a 4-month kit. This could offer you additional savings so be sure to price compare!

Make sure you read the product descriptions as well as customer reviews before you buy anything off of Amazon. When you read the reviews, make sure to read them entirely, as often customers can get deals on products in exchange for their review. This may skew their review in favor of the product, which may be an ineffective knockoff.

Going along with that, make sure any hair loss product, or in general, anything you purchase on Amazon, is coming from a trusted seller. You generally want to stay away from resellers or second-hand dealers, unless they come with great reviews. Try to always get the product from the manufacturer.

The beauty of Amazon’s open marketplace is that anyone can get on and sell a product, however when it comes to something like hair loss treatments, it may not be a better option to pay less for a generic product.

As far as I can tell, there aren’t any other trustworthy options out there as far as where to buy Scalp Med. Of course, you may want to see an endocrinologist or dermatologist to help find the cause of your hair loss before making any decisions on what products to try. But in my opinion, Scalp Med is a product you can count on to see results.

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